Dear Purchasing Agent,

Allow me to thank you and welcome you to S & B Cleaning Services Inc. as well as provide you with the necessary information you desire to have the optimal and personal service package your organization needs. As you research the information in this planner

You will discover that we can and will provide you with all the necessary tools needed to begin or end your day with a clean slate. No job is too small or too big for us. Our Motto is:“There’s not much we don’t do…”

S & B Cleaning Services Inc. was established in July 1999. On behalf of New York State, we are certified and approved for operation by Department of Economic Development, Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (D/MWBD), Department of Small Business Services of Economic and Financial Opportunity (SBS/DEFO), Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Certification Program (M/WBE), also 8(a) Certified and CCR registered. S & B Cleaning Services Inc. is listed in New York State’s Directory of Certified Businesses under principal products and services code Janitorial Services (367). Now moving forward from our history to our new history S & B Cleaning Services Inc.Became incorporated in 2005 now register with SAM. GOV our UEI GGJDDFXEJ7B6 and Cage Code 1N6T3, S & B CLEANING SERVICES INC Is not just a cleaning company ?

There are several companies to choose from. However, S & B Cleaning Services Inc. can proudly say that each employee is taken through an extensive training course, fingerprinted, bonded (if necessary) and insured before setting foot on any of our contracted sites. Can my competition guarantee the same? You decide. By choosing

S & B Cleaning Services Inc. as your primary caretaker for janitorial services we will provide you with a secure feeling and clean environment. For further information S & B can be contacted at Or edwins@sbcleaning Thank you.

Best regards,

S&B Cleaning Services Inc.



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